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Lex Trent versus The Gods
by Alex Bell

Release Date: 4th Feb 2010
Publisher: Headline
ISBN: 978 0 7553 5518 1
RRP: £6.99

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A cheeky little number that you can't help smiling at...

Lex Trent lives on an earth that has been split by the Gods. It looks like an apple core, or an egg timer, or as the author puts it “...a dumbbell - those weights that impressive-looking men use to make themselves look more impressive”. Their rationale being that whilst it is perfectly acceptable for them to interfere in human life; mere mortals shouldn’t be allowed free access to them. This irreverent projection of human-God interaction is a strong indicator of the kind of novel Lex Trent versus The Gods is – tongue-in-cheek, sharp and witty.

That Lex is a consummate thief, liar and cheat is irrefutable. That his sort always seem to attract the likes of Lady Luck (or the Goddess of Fortune) is annoying. But we like that he isn’t portrayed as some dashingly handsome rogue – oh no, Lex is a straggly, honest looking seventeen-year-old lad. Nothing special to look at; and that suits him just fine – most of the time. This time though, it seems that Lex might have gotten in over his (rather enlarged) head; after swearing allegiance to the Goddess of Fortune, Trent finds himself embroiled in the infamous Games – think Krypton Factor meets Gladiator – not this displeases him, it’s all just a bit of fun. Fully expecting to win, will Lex discover that sometimes there is more to life than being a selfishly lucky so-and-so?

Delectably naughty and written with a distinct air of nonchalance that is rare in a grown-up; Bell delivers a riotous novel for young adults spilling over with deadpan humour and satirical wit. If you liked Dominic Barker’s “Blart” series, then you will certainly find yourself equally tickled by Lex Trent’s escapades, although parents should be aware of the occasional use of bad language... well, what would you expect of a crafty, underhanded scoundrel like Lex Trent?

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