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Here Comes the Poo Bus
by Andy Stanton

Release Date: 5th May 2011
Publisher: Puffin
ISBN: 978 0 1413 3399 1
RRP: £10.99

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Icky and full of creepy characters - the poo bus is here...

There is nothing quite like silly rhyming couplets to make a children’s storybook, and Stanton’s Here Comes the Poo Bus adds that extra ‘umph’ with tackling the wonderful matter of poo; that biological process that becomes an obsession with little boys of a certain age.

The Poo Bus is heading out to the seaside. At the wheel is ‘Uncle Toad’: a rather scary looking character, if we’re honest; his huge boggle eyes stare disconcertingly out at you from the page. Along the way, the Poo Bus calls on the insects living in the town to hop onboard. First, there’s the housefly with her babies, then the gangly daddy-long-legs who takes up four seats and finally a harassed looking spider called Claire who has twenty flies stashed around her. If the clientele are all creepy crawlies, then their choice of transportation is perfect – except maybe for the gruesome surprise Uncle Toad has in store for his passengers!

Here Comes the Poo Bus is illustrated quirkily, and although the palette isn’t exactly pretty, there is certainly a distinct whiff of poo about it. Surprisingly, despite our misgivings that the illustrations may be overly abstract or too ‘ugly’ to be appealing; nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the hideousness of Uncle Toad was a source of gleeful hysteria. And whilst the rhythm wasn’t always neat (it suffers from the odd wordiness or brief digression), in all, this was a very readable story with a strong finish. Of course, the yuck factor of saying the word “poo” repeatedly makes it just that much more desirable - it will have your children shrieking with laughter. A wickedly brilliant addition to any child’s bookshelf.

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