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A Voyage Long and Strange
by Anthony Horwitz

Release Date: 4th Jun 2008
Publisher: Henry Holt
ISBN: 978 0 8050 7603 5
RRP: £12.99

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Now available in the UK; this is a look at those "lost" years in American history.

If you have ever wondered about how American was first discovered and colonised, you may already have heard about the Mayflower and recognise the name Christopher Columbus; but did you know that there are Norwegian sagas that detail the discovery of America by a fugitive? Or that there may be more truth in these myths and legends than are given due credit?

A Voyage Long and Strange sets out to uncover a large section of American history that seems to have slipped through the history books and never filtered onto the big stage – just what did happen between 1462 and 1620?

America is a huge global enterprise, a key nation that affects the rest of the world’s economy – it makes sense to try to understand how it all came about. What I wasn’t expecting, was to enjoy the learning. Horwitz’s style is a mixture of informal banter and eye-watering historical detail, which doesn’t sound like much of a combination, but works on a base level. You are drawn into the past via stories about murderous Norwegians and dark savages, and through his impeccable visualisations, manage to almost see what it would have been like.

What Horwitz achieves in A Voyage Long and Strange is to make American history not only accessible but interesting for those who are not American. And if he can do that for us foreigners, then imagine the impact on American’s!

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