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The Illustrated Mind of Mike Reeves
by Asa Jones

Release Date: 1st Nov 2009
Publisher: Eloquent Books
ISBN: 978 1 6069 3905 5
RRP: £10.00

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A walk on the Mystical side unfortunately smothered by sexual fantasy...

We liked the title of this book. It looked strong on the cover; sounded strong in our mouth and felt strong in our head. It was the title that pushed us from considering it, to reading it, even though we barely understood the context of the story or fully grasped the nature of the subject matter; matters concerning the cosmos. The likes of Divination, the use of Tarot cards or Rune stones are a mild curiosity that has never brimmed over into anything other than that. It was with some degree of determination that we set about reading the actual book, the gist of which we’re still not entirely sure we’ve got a proper handle on, but here goes…

Apparently the account of a head doctor, recently disappeared, retelling a ‘behind the scenes’ story on one of his patients (Mike Reeves); The Illustrated Mind of Mike Reeves proceeds to cast us into the rather wacky, weird and not always wonderful mind of said individual. From his ritualistic, sexual fantasy re-enactments with ‘Debbie’, to a peculiar teacher/pupil relationship with a Sean Connery lookalike – Reeves’ mind is a veritable pothole of sexual frustration, an obsession with occult practices and a disarming acceptance of the ‘people’ in his head. A growing sense of a real or imagined battle between mysterious and possibly mystical beings being acting out via their human puppets is intended to draw you in, but instead adds yet another layer of diffusion that takes the narrative from beyond comprehensible to outright crazy.

This book doesn’t start well and a lesser dedicated reader could lose interest and seek easier entertainment elsewhere and part of us can understand that. Part of us wanted to put it down and convince ourselves that it wasn’t that we weren’t open to the mystic arts, we just couldn’t connect with it… but we persevered; willing the story to become more cohesive and penetrable. And to a certain extent, it did. We’ll admit that our curiosity was piqued by the quirkiness of Mike Reeves; this curiosity blossomed into uncomfortable confusion and constrained comprehension and then somersaulted into some other unknown realm of the surreal. A little too smutty for our delicate taste, there may be a second instalment in the offing, but I think we’ll pass.

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