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Mystery, Deceit and a School Inspector
by Bryony Allen

Release Date: 1st Jun 2006
ISBN: 978 0 9545 5109 4
RRP: £6.99

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An unusual book for those with distinctive tastes...

Former teacher, Bryony Allen, brings to bear a veritable plethora of personal bugbears about her many years experience within our educational system; mixing her idiosyncratic humour – a blend of Frankie Boyle, Russell Brand and Michael McIntyre (irreverent and blunt, outrageously lewd and hair-flickingly gossipy) - and disturbing insight into the tawdry world of fictitious Beaver Brooks Primary School.

Our initial impression is not favourable; the first chapter consisting of the apparent incoherent babbling of a drug-addled melting pot of unrecognisable characters. Unfortunately, the following chapters do little to dispel this perception, as each cast member is turned out in a theatrical and overhyped manner; we discover that none of them are particularly nice. Some part of us begs the question: are there really people like this out there? It is enough to make a parent run screaming to their Primary school and drag their beloved child out for fear that such monsters are lurking in their classrooms. And then suddenly, we understand: this is the intention and basis of her humour (at least we hope so).

No, Allen’s writing style and sense of fun will not appeal to everyone. It certainly is surprisingly acerbic and more often than not extremely crass. But underneath the attempts to make us cringe and gasp at her audacity; there is a rather cleverly put together whodunit plot and a mischievous take on ordinary school life.

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