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Lulu's Loo
by Camilla Reid

Release Date: 28th Jun 2010
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 978 1 4088 0265 6
RRP: £6.99

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Never has going to the loo been so much fun...

Camilla Reid’s Lulu series has had its highs and relative lows, with Lulu’s Loo, Reid effectively broadens her scope to include the not-so-girly subject of potty training. The topic may well not be your first choice when selecting a new book for your invariably perfect offspring, but you will be hard placed to find an alternative children’s book that deals with the issue of all things toilet-related in such a fun, interactive and ultimately engaging way.

Lulu’s Loo begins with an inspired choice of interaction: your little ones can enjoy the pleasure of fumbling with sticky nappy fasteners – the thrill of the scratchy, ripping sound as they pull it apart over and over again. From then on, the concept of toilet training is introduced with the potty first. Lulu can take it everywhere with her and she’s proud of herself when she manages to use it properly for the first time. Lulu progresses to wearing ‘big girl pants’ and you get the dubious honour of lifting her skirt to check she’s wearing them! Then, we have the grand final, which is simply genius: Lulu’s has to rush to the big toilet – desperate for a tiddle – does she get there in time? Lift the toilet seat up to see (and you DO see!).

Utterly irresistible, [b[Lulu’s Loo[/b] is an explosion of colour, clear language for youngsters to comprehend and a well defined storyline – but more than that; Reid has managed to create an wholly essential book for parents with toddlers at that toilet training stage.

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