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The Secret Servant
by Daniel Silva

Release Date: 31st Jul 2008
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 978 0 1410 3138 5
RRP: 6.99

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Spy, Gabriel Allon, is up against the clock and a terrorist cell...

An International bestseller with serious credibility, The Secret Servant follows an Israeli spy, assassin and part-time Art restorer, Gabriel Allon as he is thrown into another International and political mess.

When a controversial terrorism analyst is shot dead outside his favourite cafe in Amsterdam, Allon is called upon to clean up any potentially embarrassing connections to the Israeli government as well as determine who might be responsible. The leads point to an extremist Islamic cell that is apparently on the move, and Allon is sucked into a plot to undermine the Egyptian regime and unhinge the Middle East. But with an embargo on his entrance to European countries, it isn't long before Allon finds himself caught between politics, the British and American secret services and his desire to free the kidnapped daughter of the American Ambassador.

Allon is superbly characterised as a man who won't play by the rules if the rules hinder his progress, yet he has a moral compass that dictates his ultimate motivations and actions. A ruthless killer when the situation demands and a personal saviour to the innocent caught up in the madness of terrorism.

Silva weaves his intricate tale of espionage and a thoroughly realistic plot of terror with extraordinary finesse, being careful to tell both sides and give a nod to the fact that not all followers of Islam believe in acts of terrorism. But perhaps most chilling of all is the rude awakening to some of the statistical figures that indicate that Britain, as other European countries, have opened their door to extremist factions and the realisation that whilst the events in The Secret Servant are fictional, they could just as easily be fact.

Everything works in The Secret Servant. Silva is a natural storyteller and exhibits his prowess in delivering quality fiction interlaced with thought-provoking acknowledgments of current affairs. Forget James Bond - Allon is the real deal.

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