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by Danielle Trussoni

Release Date: 1st Apr 2010
Publisher: Michael Joseph
ISBN: 978 0 7181 5558 2
RRP: £12.99

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Angels are where it's at in 2010...

Like fine dining, Angelology is carefully divided into four portions; each with its own particular narrative substance, each set out over a different time in history, each with its own strong female centrepiece and all culminating in a divinely sumptuous literary feast at the axis of which is a young innocent – one Sister Evangeline of the St Rosa Convent, Milton, New York.

In an era where Angels and Demons have been relegated to the fantastical and mythical; all legend and supposition or the delusional rantings of crazed individuals or those encumbered by religious fervour - a young nun, Sister Evangeline, is thrust into the terrifying world of the Angelologists: a secret society dedicated to battle against the Nephilim (or Giants – the offspring of fallen angels who consorted with human beings). Whilst the concept of Angels’ existence is nothing new to Evangeline (or us), the notion that these “Nephilim” are not only real but are still amongst us is almost unthinkable.

Similar in style to Dan Brown, Trussoni delivers a compelling story that combines religion, secret organisations and a power struggle between good and evil – but she also adds an extra element, another dimension, a deliciously provocative addition in the form of mythological beings: the Nephilim. Angelology is educational in its dissemination of all things angelic. In that sense, it makes it an extraordinary read and one that that can be taken speculatively or with ardent vigour. Interestingly, it calls to question the demise of religion and places atheism on the shoulders of the nefarious Nephilim as a tool with which they have shielded themselves from humanity and also beguiled them.

Angelology is, in all respects, a thoroughly entertaining read. However, what is most compelling about it is its sense of history; intertwining fact with fiction with such ease as to make it entirely too believable. Trussoni gets under your skin with this novel and whether your reaction to it is positive or negative; either way, she gets a reaction.

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