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The Scariest Thing of All
by Debi Gliori

Release Date: 17th Oct 2011
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 978 0 7475 9969 2
RRP: £10.99

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Dark but friendly...

Debi Gliori is back with another beautifully illustrated children’s book. The Scariest Thing of All is intended to provide reassurance to little ones whose active imaginations can sometimes get the better of them: just like Pip.

A teeny, tiny, little bunny rabbit, Pip is afraid of a lot of things… One day, after dozing off in the sun, Pip finds himself alone when a dreadfully frightening noise makes him jump up and run away as fast as his little legs could carry him, but the sound follows him. Forced to confront a fear for once, Pip suddenly realises that the terrifying sound – the one that sent him running in fright – was nothing other than the sound of his hungry belly!

Gliori still manages to deliver a whimsical story loaded with meaning that is in equal part, accessible and engaging. And I still love her artistic style. But, I’m not entirely convinced about the intensity of the drawings in The Scariest Thing of All: the front cover is a little too dark to be enticing as a bedtime story; the illustrations are a little too… creepy, to make looking at them a pleasure.

Children’s titles rely heavily on the quality and appeal of their illustrations and I just think that maybe the intensity of these could have been reined in a little in order to make this have more shelf appeal. Hopefully, I’m wrong in this, as the story is adorable, with a charmingly funny twist and extremely well told.

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