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The Trouble with Dragons
by Debi Gliori

Release Date: 6th Jul 2009
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 978 0 7475 9541 0
RRP: £5.99

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Naughty dragons are destroying their planet - now who does that remind you of?

The trouble with dragons is that they are selfish, wasteful, destructive and careless. The dragons don’t or won’t see that their actions are having an adverse affect on their surroundings, as slowly all the animals start to move away from them and all the plants and trees start to disappear. In their concrete jungle with all their parties and toys strewn everywhere, the dragons don’t seem to care what is happening elsewhere – until – the consequences of their actions catch up with them.

This is an exquisite children’s book. It is gloriously illustrated with real character and flair; the bright, colourful pages are beautiful and enchanting to look at – but the message is also exceedingly brilliant. For instead of pointing the finger directly at us humans; the author instead superimposes big, fire-breathing dragons in our place – doing all the bad things we do – and in so doing, she carefully arranges it so that the reader comes to their own conclusions and whether they can identify with the naughty dragons in the story. It is a clever and extremely successful method in introducing what is a very pertinent topical issue to our youngsters, without being heavy-handed.

The trouble with dragons may be a cautionary tale, but even though there is doom and gloom in store for the dragons, in the end we are left with the sweetness of hope that we can change and make our world better. It is also perhaps noteworthy that the paperback edition has been printed with the environment in mind; using vegetable inks and FSC certified paper – this will not only create awareness of environmental issues, but also allow you to feel good about buying the book.

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