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God's Game
by Erik Ryman

Release Date: 1st Aug 2006
Publisher: Bluechrome
ISBN: 978 1 9047 8122 6
RRP: 9.99

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This is the first book published by Bluechrome that I have come across and it has to be said that if they publish oddball, kooky and ultra-modern works of art such as this on a regular basis, I would not be at all surprised to hear more and more about them!

I wasn't sure about the necessity of the overtly sexual enactments or the disturbingly detailed accounts of grisly violence until I reached the end of this book. As difficult as those moments were, they are vital ingredients of a tale so exceptionally strange that had they been edited out, it would not be as powerful and memorable as it is. This is a truly challenging read - intellectually, emotionally, and philosophically - it touches on all those emotive issues such as sexuality, religion, mental health, conspiracy theories, even the meaning of life...

Perhaps one of the most representative views of our social climate in recent years.

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