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Work Less, Achieve More
by Fergus O'Connell

Release Date: 7th Jan 2010
Publisher: Headline
ISBN: 978 0 7553 1867 4
RRP: £12.99

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A self-help guide to creating that elusive work/life balance...

Well respected Project Management guru, Fergus O’Connell, brings us a book aimed at alleviating the stresses in our lives with one goal in mind: that of simply working less.

We like that its one single concept – one single idea, rather than a series of steps or tools that combine to create a technique. We also like his conversational style that makes his message altogether more accessible than one might normally imagine from a professional manager. What little jargon is used, is clearly explained and not in a patronising manner. And for those who like having little to-do tasks and tools – O’Connell caters for this need too. In fact, he seems to have thought of everything that one would expect from a decent self-help guide.

However, the idea is not one that will appeal to everyone. Deliberate long enough on the core concept: that of simply NOT doing stuff – and you begin to realise that it’s just a lot of common sense. Of course you’ll have more time to enjoy life if you are not doing everything asked of you. But in reality, when is this applicable? When are you in a position to say: I don’t fancy doing that report so I just won’t do it? What if there is no way of reducing your workload without effectively being seen to be shirking at your job? O’Connell’s answer is prioritisation and learning to say “no” nicely – but in practical terms, this isn’t always possible.

There is obviously a great deal of validity in the strategy of workload prioritisation and learning how to relegate tasks to others and in this respect, Work Less, Achieve More has its uses and proves itself to be equally valid for individuals simply seeking a better life/work balance as for those permanently entrenched in project management. As self-help books go, this one is well thought out, concise and delivered in a user-friendly tone that makes it easy to read and absorb.

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