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Pursued by Love
by Georgia Hill

Release Date: 1st Dec 2009
Publisher: E-scape Press Ltd
ISBN: 978 0 9561 1913 1
RRP: £8.99

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Solid modern romance...

If you like your romance passionate, predictable (not necessarily a bad thing) and brimming over with devastatingly handsome men and dazzlingly gorgeous women; then Pursued by Love will be just the ticket.

Perdita is an up and coming actress with a reputation as a being a bit frosty. Having had some minor success in an American TV series and survived a tumultuous affair with married co-star, Henry Dempsey; Perdita finds herself back in England and cast in the role of Elizabeth Bennett in (yet another remake of) Pride and Prejudice. The change of scenery is supposed to be helping clear her head, but her latest leading man, Nick Wainwright, seems to persistently and irritatingly dominate her mind. Nick has to be the most arrogant and detestable man she has ever met and yet, when they find themselves stranded in the middle of the Peak District, not even the blizzard conditions keep them from warming to each other.

With a few, key, poignantly tender moments; Pursued by Love satisfies the romantic in all of us. Not overly soppy and with some distinctly saucy sex scenes, Hill brings a classic love story bang up to date. On the downside, there is the rather annoying cliché of theatrical speak littered throughout – too much “darling!” “love” and other such nonsense, which detracts from any sense of realism, although, on second thought, romance is hardly about realism, is it?

Pursued by Love, then, provides a gloriously easy read. A pleasantly undulating canter in the realm of make-believe; where men are Gods, women are Goddesses and love conquers all.

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