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The Tiger-Skin Rug
by Gerald Rose

Release Date: 6th Jun 2011
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 978 1 4088 1303 4
RRP: £5.99

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Why a real tiger is far better than some musty old tiger-skin rug...

The Tiger-Skin Rug is an uplifting tale about a poor, starving tiger who in a fit of madness or brilliance, decides to replace an old tiger-skin from the Raja’s palace in order to obtain a better way of life. He imagines lazing on the floor, eating scraps left over from banquets and having the comfort of companionship and for a while this is what happens. Soon, though, he is noticeably fatter and heavier from all that noshing… and when some horrid robbers are caught out by the Raja himself, the tiger must choose whether to remain silent and still or defend his unwitting family.

Rose tells his story with relish, especially the parts where the poor tiger is subjected to a dusting off and scrubbing (as one would do to a tiger-skin rug, but not a real tiger!). The author’s love of the absurd is transparent, as is his apparent delight in allowing a tiger to indulge in that most British of pastimes, drinking tea. The Tiger-Skin Rug is a testament to lateral thinking, a gentle reproach against inattentiveness and the joy of owning a tiger that can scare off would-be robbers! Bright and colourful, despite the illustrations not being particularly to my personal tastes (I found them a little garish), this is a wonderful story that will be demanded again and again as a bedtime story.

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