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There's a Lion in my Bathroom
by Giles Paley-Philips

Release Date: 30th Aug 2010
Publisher: Rebel Books
ISBN: 978 0 9565 0352 7
RRP: £8.99

Average Customer Rating: 
(4.0 based on 1 rating)

Poetry doesn't have to be boring...

There’s no denying it: poetry is a fine art, one that is easily thwarted due to it carrying that dull, fussy and all “hot air” image. It’s also true that done right is can be deeply moving, inspirational and in our opinion, at its best: it can be full of good humour. There’s a Lion in my Bathroom is a wonderfully accessible collection of short poems from Giles Paley-Phillips – and here’s why:

First up: it is refreshingly concise. With some poems consisting of only 4 lines in total, you will be hard pressed to get bored before reaching the end. Secondly, it is positively brimming over with childish wit that both grown-ups and their children will enjoy. In fact, we guarantee that at least 5 of the poems will have you snorting with laughter in a very unsightly manner! We have too many favourites to list here (we’re tempted to say all of them), but for some succinct fun, you could do worse than going straight to ‘Tex’, ‘Dragons’, ‘Hairy Armpits’ or ‘Sid the Fly’. It’s not just all fun and games, there are actually some insightful lines in here too; such as in ‘The Weather Lady’. Finally, the illustrations by Matt Dawson encapsulate perfectly the flavour of the poetry. It’s just a shame there are no coloured illustrations inside the book; the black and white works well, but the odd dash of colour would lift the book into a whole new level. Actually, we’re thinking we’d pay a lot for this in a larger format, with coloured illustrations throughout.

With a percentage of proceeds going to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, you will be hard pressed to find a reason not to get your hands on this little gem. Who say’s poetry is dead?

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15 October 2010: Anonymous wrote:
This is a really fun book with catchy rhymes and illustrations that worked for me and my kids! The author and illustrator capture a child's world and bottle it up into neat little poems. The layout is a bit random and i agree that this would be even better as a big, colouful book.

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