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Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food
by Gordon Ramsay

Release Date: 3rd May 2007
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 978 1 8440 0453 9
RRP: £19.99

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I like my food and if I can be brutally honest – I have found through experience, that the quality of what comes out, relies entirely on the superiority of what goes in… which, of course, if a reference to ingredients and how the quality or lack thereof can bring to life or murder a recipe.

What I find so captivating about Mr Ramsay (aside from an overwhelming fondness for a particular f word), is that this supposedly careless, could-give-a-stuff attitude is so blatantly nonsense – I have long secretly suspected that he cares very much and that all the bluster is a front for a genuinely soft-hearted lad. As my mother used to say, whenever I would pass through her way (the Derbyshire dales are a preferred holidaying spot of ours – has been for generations), a bad cocoon can’t make a good worm… or, a vile individual cannot create beautiful food, if you prefer.

The title shows Gordon’s (may I call you Gordon, Gordon? I feel I know you so well…) love of irony, which won’t be lost of any devout follower of his. Fast Food is an entirely accurate description of what Gordon is offering - as the recipes are quick and delightfully congenial to those who have a less familiar relationship with their kitchen utensils. Easy, simple and accessible cooking seems to be the key here – and if the end results does not look and taste like the rubbish churned out in those hideous “fast food restaurants” (which shan’t be named due to sheer contempt), then so much the better.
You know where my preference lies.

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