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My Brother's Christmas Bottom Unwrapped
by Jeremy Strong

Release Date: 2nd Sep 2010
Publisher: Puffin
ISBN: 978 0 1413 2808 9
RRP: £4.99

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Gets your bum in gear for Christmas...

Jeremy Strong hit on a goldmine when he realised that using a single word in a book title was a sure fire way to ring up the sales. And that word is? Bottom. Thatís right. Young boys (Strongís target audience) have a uniquely gross obsession with all things bums. Anything with bottoms in it or on it is a straightforward must-have. Indulgent parents can rest easy with the satisfaction that by buying bottom-related books, they are not only encouraging their pesky little imp to read Ė but that, by inundating him with all things bum, he will soon grow tired of it.

In My Brotherís Christmas Bottom, we find Nicholas and his family at a difficult time. In keeping with the current economic climate, Nickís dad has just lost his job and it looks like Christmas is in for the chop. The idea of cancelling Christmas (especially the Ďnot having presentsí part) sends shudders through ingenious Nick, and he is determined to find a brilliant cash-making scheme that will prevent the present crisis.

With scrumptious humour that you canít help smile at, as well as subtly teaching your greedy little monster the value of money and the true purpose of Christmas: My Brotherís Christmas Bottom is a delightfully silly book that doesnít take itself too seriously. A must have stocking filler for your bottom-obsessed boy.

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