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Jakob Flint: From Fool to King
by Jonathan J. Drake

Release Date: 12th Jan 2010
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 978 1 4490 5570 7
RRP: 10.99

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Full of tomfoolery and wicked humour...

Jakob Flint is an unexpected delight. This immensely enjoyable and delightfully charming tale about an unassuming young oaf having the inexplicable fortune of finding himself in possession of a winning lottery ticket: the prize being that of inheriting without question or quibble the entire Kingdom of Widdlelop is priceless beyond words.

Our protagonist, Jakob, is a bit slow. With a wry and exceptionally juvenile sense of humour coupled with an almost child-like innocence borne from extreme naivety; his is an endearingly droll character. Hitching his most unlikely star to the job as King of Widdlelop, Jakob soon discovers that being King is not all fun and games but at least he gets to enjoy crumpets for breakfast and steadfastly make his way through mountains of truffles!

There can be no warning stark enough to enable a reader to fully comprehend the sheer silliness of the plot, nor anticipate the infantilism of the humour. But to dismiss this book out of hand, whilst initially tempting as one struggles to identify with such a bizarre cast of characters and subversive plot, is to wrongly presuppose the book is merely asinine. In fact, Jakob Flint is a truly remarkable book it is exactly what it claims to be: light-hearted and fun an anomalous truth and a rarity.

Brimming over with horridly scheming villains, scary lizard-men and the odd Cyclops thrown in for good measure; there is much to entertain, but it is the absolute force of deadpan wit and self-indulgent comic timing that really make Jakob Flint a book worth reading. Drake has an earthy, distinctly northern humour that will simply charm the pants off children and reduce the odd adult into a nostalgic childish chuckle. In fact, it may well take you several hours to wipe the ridiculous grin off your face...

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