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I See You Everywhere
by Julia Glass

Release Date: 5th Feb 2009
Publisher: Hutchinson
ISBN: 978 0 0917 9698 3
RRP: 18.99

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Two sisters, two very different lives...

I See You Everywhere is a story of two sisters; Clement and Louisa. Both seemingly living disparate lives, with very different philosophies and expectations; both with succinctly opposite lifestyles and polar opposite personalities - Clement is the younger, vivacious, outgoing and a bit of man eater - she lives to study animals in the wild and her carefree, free-for-all attitude towards life gets her into many a scrape. Louisa, by contrast, is the more sensible of the two. With a weight on her shoulders borne of her perceived responsibilities as the elder of the two, she struggles as a potter for a while before taking the safer route and sticking to promoting other up and coming artists in New York. The story is about their differences and their similarities, their struggles and the growth in their relationship - from secretive jealousy and despair, to a tolerance and affection, even if they never really grow to understand one another fully.

Littered with a string of relationships on both sides, failures, successes and the odd traumatic accident; Glass gives her insights into sisterly love and all the added contradictions, peculiarities and abstracts that go along with being a woman in modern times. There are ultimately a few shocking surprises, which are delivered with a considerable amount of brusqueness, so much so, that you almost have a double-take and have to re-read a sentence or two to make sure you've understood. There is no action-packed subplot, no devious twists - other than the often cruel twists of fate - it is simply the story of two sisters who choose different paths, set off along them and find their final destination.

Despite, perhaps not being the most riveting of subject matters, Glass has poured so much heart and soul into the two sisters' characters that you are sucked in. You begin to care about them, think about them as real people, draw comfort from their failures and feel proud of their successes. It is an emotional journey that will appeal to women who have had sisters and even those who have not. A wonderful read, full of spirit, longing and the inexplicable need for women to understand one another.

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