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by Julianna Baggott

Release Date: 2nd Feb 2012
Publisher: Headline
ISBN: 978 0 7553 8548 5
RRP: £14.99

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Powerful, stunning... a must read...

Hypnotic, harrowing, terrible, awful and yet so beautiful, PURE is a post-apocalyptical novel that rips off the veneer of the modern world and crushes the breath out of you.

Detonations – atomic bombs – explode, their affects rippling like a bright wave of light. Everything turns white and everything changes. For all survivors, there is the Before and there is now; there is the Dome with its continuation of life rumpled and rattled a bit, but otherwise unscathed; and there is outside, where life is a tortured mess of death, destruction and decay.

Pressia lives outside. About to turn 16, she believes her young life will soon be drastically shortened. Outside, the OSR (a militia group) takes you at 16 and either reprograms you or uses you as live bait. With one hand fused within a doll’s head, she is certain she wouldn’t be of any use. Her only option is to run; to hide.

Partridge lives in the Dome. As the youngest and now only surviving son of Ellery Willux, the architect of the Dome itself; he is both shunned and feared – a fact that bemuses him as he is as much a stranger to his father, as everyone else. Having always believed his mother died outside, trying to coax the stubborn to come into the Dome, when his father lets slip a notion that his mother may be alive; it nestles inside him, taking root and blossoming into action. He must get out; he must find his mother.

PURE is a battlefield; one of opposing sides, conflicting ideals and of insanity versus humane. Baggott’s narrative is full of sharp points and soft caresses. It carries a gauntness with it; a sense of the shrunken and emaciated, of death and death and death. Human tragedy dressed up in visual horrors and poignant messages of love and loss; of life that is carelessly gifted to some and cruelly snatched away from others. Overflowing with an enviable cast of characters that feel close, real…the power of their story is like a thump in the chest. And although I’ve finished it, I want to read it again.

There are few books that have brought me to tears; PURE is one of them.

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