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Tickly Tiger Rattle Book
by Justine Smith

Release Date: 1st Apr 2010
Publisher: Ladybird
ISBN: 978 1 4093 0553 8
RRP: £7.99

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Some fun, some niggles and a rattle...

Baby Touch has released a new set of books for your little ones, again placing emphasis on your baby’s senses, such as sight, sound and touch. The Tickly Tiger Rattle Book is one in this series of board books aimed at birth upwards, although realistically, your infant is unlikely to engage with a book of this type until at least 2 months, if not older.

The illustrations by Fiona Land are bright, cheerful and easily assimilated by little ones, with their clean lines and minimal detail. The rhyming text is soothing and does what it can to make up for a distinctly lacking story. What is available as a tenuous plot eventually leads to the invariable bedtime scenario, which seems a tad illogical given the stimulus in the book itself. We love all the different textures with the exception of the sparkly, glittery bits – we’d prefer more tactile fabrics à la train carriages and the turtle’s body, which are addictively squidgy and squishy.

There are some niggles with this book though. It would be better if the rattle didn’t need you to physically shake the book; this is very distracting for you and because of the size of the book itself, not really a comfortable action if you’re holding an infant and the book at the same time. Furthermore, it is not entirely obvious (unless you read the back of the book first, which isn’t exactly your focus when buying a baby book like this) that you act out the actions at the top of every alternate page, i.e. tickling, kissing or bouncing your baby – (but definitely not rattling the baby) – on the other hand, once you figure this out, it adds a wonderfully interactive element to the book.

On balance, this isn’t a bad baby book, but personal preference will play a huge part in whether or not it’s for you (and your baby). Whilst, it may be that the others in this series don’t have the same niggles; personally, I think there are better baby books out there and would give this one a miss.

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