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Curse the Dawn
by Karen Chance

Release Date: 2nd Apr 2009
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 978 0 1410 3776 9
RRP: £7.99

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Eye-wateringly fast action and heart-stopping moments of seduction await...

Curse the Dawn in the fourth in the ever popular Cassie Palmer series by Karen Chance. Cassie Palmer is an irrepressible and trenchant young woman whose life has been propelled into the limelight of the entire magical world; being the Chief Clairvoyant is not a position to sniff at, nor is becoming the Pythia (an office of extreme political importance that is a lifetime deal). Unfortunately for Cassie, neither the Silver Circle nor its darker counterpart, the Black Circle, seem all that keen on her filling either position and both are hell bent on dislodging her – permanently.

Cassie is not entirely alone; she does have a decidedly fierce following in the form of Francoise (a witch from medieval France), Pritkin (a mage or wizard) and an unfortunate coupling with a vampire Senator, Mircea Basarab. When Cassie is kidnapped and transported through the ley line headed for MAGIC, events turn catastrophic with Cassie mysteriously getting out alive. With a traitor amongst Mircea’s inner circle and the never-ending assault of war mages trying to track Cassie down; there is little time to contemplate the significance of her recent confusing visions. What is clear is that they all spell out disaster. Cassie needs the strength to acknowledge her own powers, her clairvoyance and her past – something that is complicated by the unintentional and understandably distracting body switch with Pritkin.

Chance is outstanding in her punchy delivery of yet another action-packed adventure with Miss Palmer. Swift action sequences, tight plotline, a memorable cast, some rather steamy and heart-thumping scenes, not to mention the occasional sweetness of dry humour amidst a lot of killing and death, are all reasons to love this book and indeed this series. Whilst one cannot feel anything but jealousy for Miss Palmer (the stunning specimens of manhood in her life is just unfair), there is a sense of joy that this sassy, interminable female character with her big mouth and conflicted emotions is the heroine of the piece. It’s also good to know that our Cassie can kick a God’s butt when necessary – the world just seems safer somehow with her in it.

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