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The Midnight Mayor
by kate Griffin

Release Date: 4th Mar 2010
Publisher: Little Brown
ISBN: 978 1 8414 9734 1
RRP: £7.99

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You will never look at the Underground symbol the same way again...

Like Harry Potter on acid. The Midnight Mayor takes all your preconceptions about all things magical and mythical and turns them on their head. It is a psychedelic blend of The Matrix and Alice in Wonderland – only stranger and more intoxicating.

Utterly unstoppable, Matthew Swift is a one-time sorcerer who has been resurrected as slightly more than human. Within his new body, he contains the ‘electric blue angels’ – a consciousness and power that was born out of our telephone lines, our conversations, texts and all that emotion bleeding into the wires. But Swift’s life is about to take a turn for the more complicated. The Midnight Mayor (the mythical protector of the City of London) has been murdered – and not by anything you might consider human. Fingered for the crime by a powerful group called the Aldermen, Swift finds himself in an awkward position – run and hide, or uncover the truth.

In a world where power is in ordinary symbols and brand names; where the terms and conditions of your railcard can stop a magical being and an ASBO can slow down a spectre; where the monsters rise up out of the drains as a regurgitated mass of fat and oil; where graffiti can ward off evil and a person can become paint and paint become a person – anything goes...

The inclusion of a religious Order and in particular, Oda (which always make us think of ‘Yoda’ from Star Wars, only she’s female and human) adds a distinctly human dimension to the havoc and general chaos. A devout hater and assassin of sorcerers; you’re never quite sure who she will point her gun at next.

The Midnight Mayor is an extraordinary novel. Electrifying, mind-blowing, completely surreal and unlike anything else you will ever read. Griffin’s is a truly unique voice in the field of science fiction and fantasy.

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