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by Keith Knapp

Release Date: 30th Oct 2007
ISBN: 978 1 4327 1565 6

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A solid horror story replete with bloody violence and tension...

From self-published author, Keith Knapp, comes a gripping horror novel that yanks you straight into the narrative with one simple word (which we won’t repeat here); a word, which despite being an expletive, proves to be perpetually apt as the sinister events unfold.

It starts with irritating power outages. It escalates when the Man in the Dark Coat arrives in town. From then on, nothing in the suburban town of Westmont, Illinois is the same again. Seen through the eyes of a disparate group of individuals, we are drawn into the nightmare that is our modern world without electricity or power of any kind – a world that is enthralled by the mysterious stranger and the walking dead.

What is truly terrifying is how close fact is to this fiction. Chaos, panic and fear break out alarmingly quickly when the authorities lose control; human nature seemingly more at home with degenerating into animalistic behaviour when civilisation is threatened or held at bay. As with all great horror stories, there is always something unnatural about how ordinary folk are transformed from honest, decent, law-abiding citizens to rabid animals – and in this instance, the eyes have it.

Knapp effortlessly combines old-fashioned zombie-fest with supernatural thriller; his style clearly having benefited from a lifetime of pouring over his contemporaries in this genre. Moonlight is an infectious read that immediately swallows you up. The eerily reverberating words “no more room” have the same bone-chilling effect as “red rum” did in The Shining. Overall, we think we’ve found a little gem in Moonlight - quite simply one of the best quality self-published books we've read in a long time.

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