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The Four Little Pigs
by Kimara Nye

Release Date: 1st Sep 2010
Publisher: Maverick Arts Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 978 1 8488 6063 6
RRP: £5.99

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Cute variation on "The Three Little Pigs" fairytale...

This entertaining adaptation of the original classic “The Three Little Pigs”, in which the story is turned on its head by the introduction of a fourth little pig in the guise of a magically altered little boy called Tom, is both fun and quirky.

Colourful illustrations bring the story to life, as Tom visits his magical Grandmother, who happens to be a witch! But a nice witch, of course. Before settling down to sleep, Granny Mag suggests reading “The Three Little Pigs” to her grandson; only he’s not so keen. In fact, Tom thinks that reading is dull and that the story itself is boring because he’s heard it before. Mischievously, Granny Mag transports Tom into the story book – and from there, the story takes an extraordinary turn.
There really is little to fault in this charming little book. That said, we really wouldn’t have chosen the font it uses. A simpler, cleaner font would be far easier on the eye.

The Four Little Pigs brings a breath of fresh air into a well worn children’s fairytale, exemplifying how each of us has the power to create stories of our own – but for those of us without a magical Granny, we’ll just have to make do with using our imagination.

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