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Ruthie and the (not so teeny tiny) Lie
by Laura Rankin

Release Date: 4th Feb 2008
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 978 0 7475 8745 3
RRP: £5.99

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Lies are bad...

It is a rare fine indeed, an author who also happens to be a superb illustrator – Laura Rankin is one such rarity. In her unique style, Rankin brings us a small tale of a young fox called Ruthie.

Ruthie is in a bit of a quandary. She’s found a small camera and has instantly wanted it for herself, despite knowing it isn’t hers – and what’s worse, she starts telling people it IS her camera. Oh dear! Inevitably she is confronted by the rightful owner, but still she persists in her story that the camera belongs to her. The teeny, tiny lie she told once has grown and become something much bigger than she intended and now she’s lying to everyone!

Ruthie’s dilemma is deciding whether or not lying to get what she wants is worth it. By ‘it’, I mean the guilt, sickening remorse and nerve-racking fear of discovery... not to mention the possibility of losing a dear friend over her lie.

Lying is a common ailment of the young, at first it is endearing and parents may take it as a sign of some intelligence (lying is actually quite a complex and difficult thing to do to begin with) – but eventually, without guidance it can become a problem. Learning that lying is wrong is a lesson to be taught – and Rankin offers parents a gentle, harmless and entertaining fashion in which to do the teaching. Essentially telling us that lies are bad and can hurt you just as much as those around you. It’s a difficult but necessary life-lesson and Rankin handles it exceptionally well.

This is one book parents will not be able to do without.

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