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Lewis Hamilton: My Story
by Lewis Hamilton

Release Date: 5th Nov 2007
Publisher: Harper
ISBN: 978 0 0072 7005 7
RRP: £18.99

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Lewis Hamilton has captured the heart of the British public, not because he is a warm, compassionate, amiable and grounded chap (which he is by all accounts), but because he was winning... winning in Formula One racing. For a while at least.

To the British people’s credit, despite his losing out on winning the Championship and the controversy surrounding McLaren, this affection has not been diminished. We still have faith that this boy, barely a man will continue to make Britain a force to be reckoned with – at least on the Formula One track.

This is the second novel about Hamilton, but his first foray into the arena of writing. He admits to not being alone and although that is apparent, it cannot detract from the very real tone of the writing, which is fluid and conversational; it feels as though we’re a close family friend rather than a group of strangers. I admire his honesty.

For those who have followed his eventful career, there will be few surprises; but the simplicity of the telling, the personal perspective that you believe is truly his and some phenomenal photographic images, make this a firm foundation for his writing career at any rate.

Congratulations Lewis, you’re first novel did not eat molehill... and credit for acknowledging the help you received in writing this there's no shame in it.

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