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The People's Manifesto
by Mark Thomas

Release Date: 28th Jan 2010
Publisher: Ebury Press
ISBN: 978 0 0919 3796 6
RRP: £4.99

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Hugely enjoyable, tongue-in-cheek fun at our government's expense...

Is democracy dead? Is politics just for the inane and unscrupulous? What do people really want from our government? Irreverent Mark Thomas dared to ask the general populous what policies they would implement given the opportunity and was overjoyed with the prolific flood of ideas sent his way – some of which are startling (we especially like the idea of a gamble button on ATM machines just to shake things up a bit), but never make it through the inevitable cull.

From the outrageously absurd, to the cuttingly incisive, The People’s Manifesto is a culmination of the bugbears, nit-pickings and an outpouring of scorn on both our MP’s at large and the farcical theatrics that our parliament has become. Of course, Thomas’s own editing of the plethora of public suggestions means that the proposed policies are narrowed down to a mere forty in number – probably not a bad thing, otherwise this neat little book would actually be a excruciatingly heavy tome that is impossible to lift. Thomas does attempt to retain a certain level of professional detachment; however, what becomes immediately apparent is his reproach for Daily Mail and Telegraph readers alike. Indeed, anyone, it seems, who seeks intelligence from our daily newspapers is fair game for ridicule – but then, Thomas has always enjoyed playing the irascible rogue who gets tongues clucking in mock dismay.

Undoubtedly, particular groups will not appreciate the candour, the opinions or even the analyses of the policies proposed – but then, since when does anything in politics ever please everyone? Others will nod along occasionally in sage agreement, whilst yet others will feel invigorated by the gloriously open debate.

The People’s Manifesto is a perfect pocket-size companion that you can sneak out on the train, tube or during that everlasting conference meeting your boss forced you to attend about how the recession is affecting the business. Riotously, laugh-out-loud funny with a subversive undertone that should make politicians sit up and pay attention (if only); it may end up being filed under “Bonkers Books” in the British Library, but we’d love it all the more if it did!

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