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Blueberry Girl
by Neil Gaiman

Release Date: 16th Mar 2009
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 978 0 7475 8616 6
RRP: 11.99

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We love this - just because... !!

As prolific a writer as Neil Gaiman is, I never expected a book like Blueberry Girl to come from his writer's pen. Aimed decisively at mothers and daughter, but perhaps still pertinent to sons, brothers and fathers - Blueberry Girl is essentially a celebration of giving birth to a daughter.

The delightful illustrations by Charles Vess capture the whimsical nature of the lyrical verse by Gaiman to perfection, creating a soft, delicate concoction that adds to the deep warmth of the words chosen. From birth and through life, the poem wishes for the daughter many things, amongst them not to be troubled by "nightmares at three or bad husbands at thirty" - certainly something all mothers and fathers would hope their gorgeous little girl can avoid!

Blueberry Girl makes the heart melt in an insufferably soppy way - but then, so do our daughters - so it is entirely apt. Gorgeous!

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