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The Sign
by Raymond Khoury

Release Date: 28th May 2009
Publisher: Orion
ISBN: 978 0 7528 7590 3
RRP: £12.99

Average Customer Rating: 
(3.0 based on 3 ratings)

The best thriller of 2009... probably...

It should have been your standard five minutes about the ice shelf in the Arctic breaking off; it should have been a the usual spiel about the effects of global warming on our polar ice caps and its severe consequences for a large portion of the developed world. Reporter, Grace Logan and her small crew did not anticipate the graveness of the situation – Gracie being a self proclaimed cynic where anything remotely passing for hysterical fervour was concerned and there was nothing more fervent than the posturings of environmentalists. It wasn’t the enormity of the piece of ice that was breaking off that stole the show. Something unspeakable, unimaginable and inexplicable appeared in the skies above them – a cloud of light that seemed to swivel and contort, pulsing with energy and life – a sign.

Matt Sherwood is trying to make amends for his unequivocally messed-up youth. He owes it to the memory of his younger brother, Danny. When he gets an odd phone call demanding a meeting about Danny’s death and the recent TV coverage of the apparition over the Arctic; Matt isn’t impressed – but the insinuation that his brother didn’t die in a helicopter crash, that he was murdered – beggars belief. That is, until Matt’s own life is suddenly on the line and his only way out is to find out what is going on – and how it is connected to the strange sightings.

Khoury has upped his game with The Sign. This is a mature, rounded, well conceived plot told with enviable skill and dexterity. Turning the screw on modern-day conflicts such as religious fundamentalism, media manipulation, corporate conspiracies and environmental groups; Khoury makes you wonder whether ‘Global Warming’ is the new religion. The Sign has all the hallmarks of a bestseller and I will be watching out for the cinematic rendering (if there’s any justice, it should be inevitable). Khoury is stupendous.

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20 January 2012: DarkAngel wrote:
I like the book...found it interesting
27 October 2011: Paul Betz wrote:
Great read, the protagonist, however could not be so lucky with firearms, there is no background in his character that would allow him to sucessfully shoot several people accurately with different weapons and hit them often enough to be effective, much less have every shot count. Other than that a very well developed plot that has you on the edge of your seat so to speak with every turn of the page
22 August 2011: ed marino wrote:
Global warming, Bush bashing and singing Kumbaya. If you watched CNN for the last 10 years you might as well save your time and money and skip The Sign (and the rest as well).
12 May 2011: jonlyles wrote:
I just finished reading The Sign and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. I happened to see this book in the book store and it was advertised as a good book for readers who liked Davinci Code, etc. Halfway through the book I find I'm not really interested in reading through to the end.
17 May 2010: Anonymous wrote:
Could have been a good story but for the bad writing. The writer is more interested in presenting his negative views on the USA, religion, conservatives, and the average man. I found his hero to be particularly unbelievable - a garage mechanic with no military training, no money, no equipment who is acts like James Bond and Superman rolled into one. This is just plain lazy writing. At one point, this superhuman hero sits by in a restaurant waiting to capture one of the bag guys. It takes three pages for the bad guy to spout the author's anti American crap, while the hero is ready to pounce on this bad guy who is protected by numerous bodyguards who are all well trained and well armed mercenaries. That's the point that the book was dropped into my recycle bin. Skip this one and this author.
13 May 2010: martin lamberti wrote:
I just finished reading the Sign by Raymond Khoury and found it very entertaining. Although the beginning was a bit long at least it wasn't a Davinchy Code rip-off like The Last Templar. The science involved was plausible. The idea of an ex-con with no military training going up against and overwhelming special forces types however was not believable at all. Maybe making the Matt Sherwood character a Rambo type would have helped. Otherwise I had no problem with the author's anti organized religion standpoint, even though he got a bit long winded about it. Of course all you right wing radicals that have the nerve to call yourselves conservatives out there won't like it at all. The book is a good read with a nice semi-open happy ending. I like it.
04 June 2009: Anonymous wrote:
Ron, I think you missed the point of the book - if you had bothered to read it to the end, you would have realised that actually Khoury was pushing for tolerance (racial, religious, etc), but that he was arguing that human nature kind of gets in the way. A point, I believe, that you have proven. Misunderstanding, fear, recriminations, ignorance even - all lead people to get carried away with the idea that someone is attacking them, which, ok sometimes does happen - but not in this case. In fact, if there was a religious message - it was that everyone should have the freedom to worship whatever God they believe in, in whatever way their conscience dictates. If you find that idea insulting; then I worry about what kind of household you live in.
03 June 2009: ronken10 wrote:
Book started out OK if you're bored. Half way in his real agenda begin to shine forth. What was it? Political of course. Finding any reason to blame George Bush for everything from global warming to the economic meltdown. Oh and insulting religion all over the world. Did the book have a positive message? Of course......Obama is intelligent, wonderful and something close to GOD himself. We should all be worshiping Obama as Mr. Khoury obviously does. Also the story line got more and more unbelievable and silly. I think he feels that because a person believes in GOD that they are easily led and ready to believe any BS that sounds religious in nature. I became offended with this book as a reader and didn't finish it. In fact it's the only book I've every just thrown in the trash so no one else in my family would waste their time. I believe in free speech but I don't allow rap music in my house either........there are lines that I won't cross. Thanks......Ron Kendrick

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