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Santa's Raindeer
by Rod Green

Release Date: 3rd Sep 2007
Publisher: Carlton Books
ISBN: 978 1 8444 2783 3
RRP: £12.99

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Absolutely stunning yuletide fodder

The twinkling “star” (it’s inverted for a reason folks; it’s not real) blinks alluringly out at you from the shelf. Despite the huge soft-focus reindeer and the glaringly non-denomination title, once cannot help but conjure up thoughts of the nativity play, baby Jesus and those three crazies.. err... kings... who followed that star to find the son of God. Well, I do at any rate. If you love the cover, you are guaranteed to fully appreciate the internal decorations – sumptuous, juicy images radiating warmth and life fill each page – each image a miniature masterpiece.

The story is perfect for those parents who enjoy narrating a Christmassy tale to their young around this time of year... in fact, I would go so far as to state baldly that this would be the perfect book for that cosy Christmas Eve snuggle-down; with a small set of scented candles lit and strewn about the room, Christmas carols humming away softly in the background and everyone sipping steaming hot cocoa in their pyjamas... yes, this would fit that scene perfectly. For those who are looking for a new family tradition – the above is yours for free. Take it. Enjoy it.
Merry Christmas!

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