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Breaking Dawn
by Stephenie Meyer

Release Date: 19th Aug 2010
Publisher: Little Brown
ISBN: 978 1 9074 1035 2
RRP: £7.99

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Thrilling finale to this huge Vampire saga...

With the disappointment that was Eclipse (the book, not the film), there was more than a little dragging of feet when it came to reading the series finale – Breaking Dawn; it had to be outstanding, good just wouldn’t be good enough.

Mercifully, most of the niggles we had about Eclipse seemed to have vanished. Edward has a personality transplant, where his fanaticism with Bella is significantly less – less clingy, less controlling, less paranoid and less jealous. Of course, the dramatic shift in Bella and Jacob’s relationship will have helped things along in that respect and the promise of getting hitched certainly can’t have hurt either.

Speaking of which, Bella finally gets her wish. There’s a wedding, a rather steamy honeymoon and a shock surprise that immediately turns everything on its head. But before you jump to the conclusion that Bella becoming a Vamp is what stops Jacob’s feelings for her in their tracks: don’t. Because it isn’t. Someone else is. That’s all we’re saying!

Jacob is still our favourite character is the entire series. He remains the constant, even with the coming of age Werewolf issue. A source of humour and light relief from the intensity of Edward and Bella’s relationship; we were more than pleased that the author provided him with a happy-ever-after.

Breaking Dawn may look like a brick of a book, but the pace is lightening quick with clever plot twists that you will not have seen coming. We finally get some real suspense with the threat of a showdown with the Volturi hanging over everyone’s heads, and better yet, we actually get some full-on Vampire power plays. We were slightly peeved that Bella is so utterly amazing as a Vamp – the only thing we liked about her was her overwhelming suckiness in all aspects of human life. Ah, well... Only one question remains: what will Twihards fill their days with now?

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