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More Things Should Be Thought Out Thus
by Zion Lights

Release Date: 25th Nov 2009
Publisher: zionlights
ISBN: 978 1 4452 3912 5
RRP: £6.99

Average Customer Rating: 
(5.0 based on 1 rating)

A showcase for talent but lacks a definitive story...

Overtly complex and literary in style, More Things Should be Thought Out Thus is not for the masses; not owing to the general public’s ignorance as some may conjecture but for precisely the opposite. Most people will see through the elaborate word plays, the cheap shock tactics and the emphasis on decorative descriptive prose and conclude that it is pretentious, pompous and puffed-up.

Intellectuals and Academics may differ on opinion, as they are wont. Certainly, the aesthetics and ability of the author to manipulate language counts for something, however, of more import is that a piece of writing delivers a story, an idea or theory – anything really. The layman may question: do the seemingly unrelated ramblings of the mind constitute that? In amongst all the embellishments and ‘clever’ abstractions, there is some sense of an individual’s life passing by – but it is so convoluted that that is all that happens, it passes us by. Perhaps that is the author’s intention: to illustrate beautifully how one can miss the essence of a thing by focussing on the minutia. Or, is it that the detail is what defines our lives?

To the author’s credit, there are many lines of beautifully constructed language and devastating insight. More Things Should be Thought Out Thus displays a talent for language, whether or not this can be converted into a great book remains to be seen.

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16 October 2010: Anonymous wrote:
This book is a real depart from the ordinary. The structured chronicling of events of most novels and stories is not there, instead is an absorbing trip into someone's memories and feelings. Reading this book the normal techniques of trying to second guess the author is impossible, because it is a true representation of the seemingly random pattern of memories, which though connected also jump from place to place, tense to tense, with varying levels of intensity. I struggled to take in the unfolding story at first because I kept trying to apply norms that I had been taught since primary school, but I quickly realised that this book was anything but normal and therefore required a unique response! More Things is unique because it pushes the boundaries of literary endeavour, and as a result of this, I have recommended it to all my family and friends.

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