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We interview C J Daugherty about Night School
10 January 2012

Night School is the latest teen series to hit the bookshelves in your local shop... promising murder, mystery and mayhem and all based at a unique Boarding school - we thought it would be a good idea to get the low-down on the author, Christi Daugherty...

Read our interview under the 'About Authors' tab.

If you're not registered, remember is quick, free and actually quite painless to join.

We NEVER send unsolicited emails (we don't do marketing ones either) and we NEVER pass on your details to anyone else.
An interview with James Bruno...
05 December 2011

Author of Tribe, Jim (as he likes to be called) is a former US Foreign Services Officer - or diplomat.

Having travelled the world, experienced stuff that would make your toes curl as well as enviably rubbing shoulders with the wealthy and powerful - his insight into the inner workings of that old American institution: the CIA, is (so we're told) based so accurately on the real deal that his manuscripts have to go through strict approval procedures before they make it to print!

So make sure you take the time to check out our interview with this intriguing character.

The TTAB Team
An interview with Ruth Dugdall...
04 November 2011

We loved Ruth's Sacrificial Man, so we were over the moon when she agreed to an interview with us!

The highlight has to be the revelation about a very unusual pet... and we're talking "never-in-a-million-years-would-you-guess-this" kind of a pet... but you'll just have to read the interview for the full scoop on this amusing and quirky author...
An interview with Polly Courtney...
16 October 2011

The author of It's a Man's World kindly agreed to an interview with us about her latest novel - and we even got to hear her side of how things have gone down with her erstwhile publisher, Harper Collins and why she feels her novels aren't Chic Lit.
Read the interview under our "About Authors" tab, or you can find the link on the book review page.
Readers' Choice competition to start again for OCTOBER
05 September 2011

Only 25 days to go before we start up our fantastic Readers' Choice competition again! What better reason to keep tabs on the date? And there are sure to be some fab titles to choose from.

As usual, we're also planning a special giveaway in time for Christmas; this should be happening around the end of November - but we'll be announcing the exact details nearer the time.

30 August 2011

Hi fellow book readers,

Well, it's been an interesting few months... Due to a life-threatening illness of a family member, the TTAB team has been busy elsewhere, supporting, helping out and generally making copious amounts of cups of tea rather than spending time keeping the site updated. We're now forcing ourselves to get back to work and letting nature run its course elsewhere.

Apologies to all who have contacted us recently and not received prompt replies - this,as we say, was due to exceptional circumstances and hopefully not to be repeated. Please bear with us as we get things back to some kind of "normal" again - and thank you for your continued support!!!!

Your TTAB Team
Book Giveaway now CLOSED
07 June 2011

Winners details to follow shortly...
Book Giveaway: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time by Yasutaka Tsutsui
07 May 2011

It's been a few months since we last did a good old book giveaway and thanks to Alma Books for kindly providing us with three copies of this fab book for our current competition.
Entering is free and the question is (in our opinion) pretty easy. HINT: read our review for the answer!
Winners will be announced after the closing date of 7th June 2011.
So, what are you waiting for? Get your entries in NOW!!!
Good luck!
April's winning title: The Illustrated Mind of Mike Reeves
06 May 2011

We're a little late in announcing the actual winner of last month's competition; it was a shock to discover it's already the 6th May! Congratulations to Pam Gregory for being our randomly selected winner...

Thankfully, our lackadaisical approach to last month's comp (we blame technology!), we did manage to get May's comp up and running straight away... Hurrah! So if your name's not Pam (or even if it is), you can send in your entries to see if you'll be May's winner. Good luck everyone!
March Readers' Choice Winning Title: The Neon Court
04 April 2011

We honestly couldn't have picked better ourselves, and clearly our review influenced some (although undoubtedly others will have been fans of Kate Griffin for some time)...

Our winner is: Eileen Hobbs.

Word Book Day WINNERS LIST 2011
10 March 2011

Our lucky 2011 WBD winners are:

Caitlin Rhys-Jones (The Demon Collector)
Emma Smith (Think of a Number)
John Staniforth (The Gospel of Bucky Dennis)
Sandra Carter (Turning the Tide)
John Dyson (1/1: Jihad Britain)

Congratulations to each of our winners, your books will be with you shortly.

Fancy a free book? We run regular book giveaways and competitions, the only requisite: you've got enter to be in with a chance of winning!

WORLD BOOK DAY 4th MARCH 2011 – Book Giveaway Bonanza!!!!
01 March 2011

We thought we'd celebrate World Book Day 2011 by offering our readers a list of free books (we know: how generous are we?!?!).

All you have to do is go to our Book Giveaway section on 4th March, enter your details under each book you'd like to win and leave the rest to us!!
It's free to enter and we don't charge you anything to receive your book - you don't even have to register as a member (although, we'd love it if you did!). In fact, it really is as simple as entering your details and submitting your entry via email.

On offer are the following titles:

1/1 Jihad Britain (self-published political thriller)
Turning the Tide (quirky chic-lit from Choc Lit)
The Gospel of Bucky Dennis (hardcore gore-fest from the South states)
Think of a Number (taut crime thriller)
The Demon Collector (supernatural adventure for older kids)

We have one copy of each book to give away. REMEMBER: This competition is exclusively for World Book Day and is open on the 4th March 2011 for 24hrs only. So, be sure to set the date in your diary!!!

There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit; however, only one winning book per household is permitted. Entries must include your full name and email address. Entries are subject to our usual terms & conditions.

No Readers' Choice for Feb
05 February 2011

Due to technical issues we are unable to offer the Readers' Choice competition this month; we are ever hopeful that this will be resolved and the competition is back up and running next month.
Technical Niggles Nobble November... (and December)...
30 December 2010

Apologies to our members, readers and recent competition winners, but due to technical difficulties, we have been unable to either access the site or emails. Whilst we were working hard to rectify the situation, the weather seemed to be working equally hard to counter our efforts as the snow meant serious delays in getting things fixed.

As we look forward to 2011, we breathe a sigh of relief that we've got ourselves up and running again. Of course, it means that we have to work doubly hard to catch up on all the reviews and emails; so please bear with us...

Wishing you all a happy New Year!

The TTAB Team
Monster Blood Tattoo SERIES Give Away
01 December 2010

We thought it best not to keep you all waiting... and we've now got this book give away up and running.

With only THREE sets available to be won: you'll need to get your entries in as soon as possible.

See our Book Giveaways page (under Competitions) for further details.

Good Luck!!!!!!
New Book Giveaway... COMING SOON
30 November 2010

It's been too long since we last saw an instalment of the Monster Blood Tattoo series; but finally, book three has arrived.

Factotum is a gloriously chunky book that is sure to keep your kids entertained over the Christmas break - but if you're worried that just one book won't cover it, or you've missed out on the previous two instalments: then worry no more.

We have 3 complete sets of Books 1, 2 and 3 to give away.

Check out our Twitter (@bookreviews) to make sure you know when this amazing competition goes live!

And Good Luck!

Back to Business...
08 September 2010

September has finally rolled around (was it just us, or did the summer drag on?), and we're excited about the inevitable new seasonal releases that are due to hit the bookshops this Autumn.

There won't be a Readers' Choice this month, but this fab competition will be back next month (October). Fingers crossed, but we may have a stupendous book giveaway for October too! Keep an eye out for that one. As with all our comps, it's absolutely free to enter and we never, ever sp@m.

Happy reading!
Winners of signed 2nd Ed. of Jakob Flint
08 September 2010

**Apologies for the delay in getting these books out to our winners - they should be on their way very soon! **

We loved this little novella; partly because of it's laugh-out-loud sense of humour, but mostly because the author is our kind of guy... irrascible, witty and brimming over with a peculiarly (northern) British jolliness! Not a book to take seriously, but simply to quietly enjoy - if you can grapple it out of your kids' hands that is...

For those who entered the competition at the beginning of the summer and answered the particularly difficult question correctly (A: The inspiration came whilst lounging in a bath supping on a glass of wine) and allowing for variants of that sentiment, we're pleased to announce our 5 lucky winners:

A Cheskin
Diane Cotter
Heather Hulse
Nigel Wain
Emma Welsby

Congratulations! Your signed copy should be with you within the next 28 days. Oooooo ... we are so jealous!

21 July 2010

In order to accommodate our staff holidays we are closed until the beginning of September 2010.

This means that no reviews will be loaded and the winner of July's Readers' Choice will have a delay in getting their book.

August's Readers' Choice competition will go ahead as usual and you can still peruse the site for good book ideas.

We've also uploaded our Summer Reads 2010.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Angelology Winners: Books now Sent Out
19 July 2010

Unfortunately, we encountered a severe delay in getting these books out to our 5 winners, and subsequently have received a few emails enquiring about the whereabouts of their book (and rightly so!).

We apologise unreservedly for the delay in getting these out - but are very pleased to be able to let you know that the books are now on their way!
06 July 2010

We know that when it comes to books, everyone has an opinion - but sometimes, it's nice not to get into the nitty gritty of the why's and wherefore's of whether a book is amazing or just plain rotten.

We already had the feature allowing you to post your comment on a particular book, but we've improved this so you can simply give it a Worm Rating - rather like star ratings, but cuter!

It's quick to rate a book - just pick the number of Worms you'd give it out of 5, but if you don't feel like rating it when you comment, you can always just skip it.

Best of all, the effect is accumulative: which means that everyone's opinion impacts the overall rating of a book. Yes, we know - we are too good!!

Happy reading and rating!
Entangled Competition now CLOSED
19 May 2010

Thanks to everyone who voted; this book giveaway is now closed and any further entries will not be eligible to win.

The correct answer was: 24,000. Loads of people got it right (not that it was particularly hard!), and our 5 lucky winners will be listed on here shortly...

Angelology Competition - Winners List
11 May 2010

This competition is now CLOSED.

The lucky winners of this book giveaway are:

Laura Carroll, Nottingham
Andrew Penny, Cornwall
Rachel Ringwood, Norfolk
Kristian Snooks, Exeter
Victoria Snow, Lincoln

Winners should allow 28 days for delivery.

Win a signed copy of ENTANGLED
19 April 2010

Graham Hancock dips his toe into writing fiction with his debut fictional title, Entangled. An intriguing exploration of near-death experiences and the possibility of multiple realities; Entangled takes two teenage girls from completely different times (one modern-day, one from 24,000 years ago) and brings them together in a fight against a demon.

To win one of five signed copies all you have to do is enter via our Current Competition page.

This competition is open until 18th May 2010.

Good luck!
16 April 2010

We're excited to be able to bring our readers and members the opportunity to acquire one of five signed copies of Angelology by Danielle Trussoni.

This fanstastic new book is out in April 2010 in hardback and is based on the theories of the existence of angels amongst us. An insightful, intelligent piece of fiction that is sure to bring about a new craze for all things angelic.

For your chance to win a signed copy, check out our Current Competitions page and follow the instructions. The closing date for entries is 10th May 2010. Winners will be listed under our news after that date.

Good luck!
*IMPORTANT* Change of address
13 March 2010

From 1st April 2010 our address is changing at The Truth About Books. Our new address is:

TTAB, PO Box 4732, Sheffield, S17 9BZ.

Any review copies or other correspondence should be sent to this address. However, to smooth this transitional period, items sent to our old PO Box address will still be delivered up to the END OF APRIL. After that date, no mail will be accessible by us and will be returned.

If you have any queries regarding this change, please contact us using the links on the Contact Us page.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, but hope that any disruption will be kept to a minimum.


The TTAB Team
The Missing by Jane Casey Competition is CLOSED
01 March 2010

This book giveaway is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who entered. A list of the lucky 10 winners will be posted shortly.

Winners List for The Missing competition
01 March 2010

Congratulations to the following individuals who have been lucky enough to be chosen at random to win a free copy of The Missing by Jane Casey! Our ten lucky winners are:

Mike Cambridge
Sue Cranfield
Colin Doogan
Chris Edmonds
Sue Hall
Amanda Hutchings
Asdrid James
Tracey Rollings
Bob Slipper
Richard Sutherland

Winners are reminded to allow 28 days for delivery... Oh, and we hope you enjoy the book as much as we did!
NEW! Book Giveaway!
01 February 2010

We're very pleased to announce that we now have an additional competition/ book giveaway for this month. This will be a members exclusive (registration is free, quick and simple).

To celebrate the astonishing debut novel from Jane Casey, we will be giving away 10 copies of her book: The Missing.

Further details can be found on our current competitions page, so make sure you check it out and get your answers in asap - or risk losing out!

Good luck!
Wishing You All a Happy New Year!
31 December 2009

2009 has been a tough year for most of us, but we'd like to think that 2010 has only great things in store...

We will be continuing to improve our website, adding more interactive features as well as looking out for great new competitions in addition to our regular Readers' Choice. We'll keep you informed at to progress on this...

Finally, we'd like to thank all our members, visitors, authors and publishers who support us and enable us to bring you the truth about books! Thank you!

Here's to 2010!!!
03 December 2009

Just wishing all our members and readers a very merry Christmas 2009! A big thank you for all your continued support and we hope that 2010 will bring bigger and better things for TTAB.

31 August 2009

Apologies to all our readers and members for the continued disruption to our website over the past few months. This has been due to a combination of staffing issues and ill health.

We are now trying to move things forward and load more book reviews on the site, but are not, as yet, updating our blog. We are, however, trying to get our latest reviews updated on Twitter- so those following us there can keep up with what's going on.

We anticiapte that our regular competition will be up and running again for December, but please bear in mind that if there is an error loading message - it means that the competition is NOT available.

Thank you for all your patience and support.
19 August 2009

We apologise to all our members and readers for the delayed notification, but TTAB's website will not be updated during August 2009 due to unforeseen circumstances, which has meant the team has been unavailable.
This also affects our regular book competition - there will be no competition for the month of August.
We are hopeful that the situation will be rectified shortly and that things will get back to normal in September. We will update our News if there is to be any further delay in getting the site going again.
Thanks to everyone for their understanding and patience - this should be a one off!!
PRESS RELEASE: The Truth About Books is getting a design overhaul
03 June 2009

The Truth About Books is an independent online book review resource dedicated to providing consumers with an honest appraisal of any and all books.

Unlike many other book review websites, The Truth About Books is not a bookseller and therefore can maintain its unbiased view of the books it reviews. It also boasts quality book reviews provided by a dedicated team of experienced book critics; thereby ensuring its reviews are written to a high standard.

But did you know that The Truth About Books also provides author interviews, author biographies and regular competitions for its users?

Well, after several months of design work, The Truth About Books is pleased to announce official development work on an improved design and layout for its website is now underway. The new-look website is not due to be completed until the end of 2009, but visitors will be able to expect many new features especially tailored towards encouraging customer interaction and improved accessibility to all the sites’ features such as: quick submit book review / author interview suggestions; author snippets; book price comparison and much, much more.

About....Ryan Sherwood
19 May 2009

We've got an exclusive interview with the author of this month's Book of the Month, Ryan Sherwood - in it, we discover just what it is that makes him tick and much more...
Read the interview in the 'About Authors' section - you will have to register, but it's a free and relatively painless process. Enjoy!
We are now on Twitter!!
06 May 2009

Yes, we have dragged ourselves kicking and screaming into the very modern age of Twitter!

You can follow us at : Where we tweet our recently uploaded new book reviews - think of it as your link to the best book reviews around on the web (we do!!)

**TTAB expands its horizons**
10 April 2009

The Truth About Books is proud to announce that it has added Little Brown publishing to its swelling ranks of supporters. Little Brown has twice received the KPMG publisher of the year award - and as such, we are extremely pleased that they have agreed to work with us - as this means that we can continue to bring you the very best of the lastest book releases and help you find that next great book to read!

TTAB is committed to delivering quality book reviews to on our online membership and the general public. We are confident that by diversifying and continuing to expand our reach withing the publishing industry, we can ensure that we provide genuine, informative and above all, independent and honest appraisals of all the books we review.

World Book Day gets celebrated on TTAB
01 March 2009

If you check out our regular competition, this won't come as a surprise to you - this month only, to celebrate World Book Day - we are going to give away ALL 3 TITLES in our competition. We'll still have an overall winner, but we thought we'd share our love of books around a bit this month and get 3 of our readers the chance to win a free book - on us!

All you have to do is vote for the book, or books, that you would be interested in winning and then sit back and wait eagerly to find out if you are selected at random as one our winners! Voting is completely FREE and you don't even have to register to vote. We honestly can't think of any better way to bag yourself a free book.

So get voting NOW!!!!
About... Simon Packham
09 February 2009

After deciding that Simon Packham's riotous debut novel deserved to be our book of the month, we realised that it might be good to let our members find out what makes him tick...
Read the insightful and occassionally funny interview with this outstanding new novelist by going to our About Authors section.
If you aren't yet a member, you will need to register - but there's nothing complicated about the process and best of all - it's FREE!

The TTAB Team
Merry Christmas & Have a Happy New Year!
01 December 2008

We’re particularly excited at TTAB about Christmas this year as it heralds the end of our first year in business – Hurrah! We’d like to thank all our members and everyone else who have helped make this a great first year – and we hope to improve the site and make it more interactive for you in the year to come.

All the best, TTAB Team!
We’ve Been On Holiday!
01 September 2008

Yes, it was somewhere nice – and hot! What this means is that we haven’t been able to upload all the book reviews we’ve been doing in the meantime. Please bear with us as we try to catch up this month. Best wishes, all at TTAB.
TTAB has a Blog!
01 August 2008

It’s official – although for some this may be old news, but we do have our very own blog. You can check it out here.

Why bother? Well, our blog is where you will find out all the latest news, some author interview preview snippets and the potential to feed back to us what your thoughts are on our main site, as well as just general stuff. So go on – take a quick peek – you might like it!
New Competitions!
01 July 2008

We have TWO new competitions for you COMING SOON this month!

1. Members can enter for the chance to win one of 5 free copies of a brilliant new crime/thriller novel by Robert Gregory Browne - Whisper in the Dark.

Competition entry is free and each winner will receive a free copy of Whisper in the Dark. For your chance to win, make sure you are a registered member (it's free to join) and check back regularly for this amazing competition... not to be missed!!

You can also read our interview with the author (Robert Gregory Browne) and our book review to satiate your appetite in the meantime...

2. We are extremely pleased to let you know that we are planning a new competition whereby members can enter for free for a chance to win a signed first edition copy of The Enemy's Son by James Johnson. There are only TWO copies available – so you’ll need to hurry and enter before these are gone!

This is a must have collector's item - especially for you SF fans out there!
Site ReLaunch
01 June 2008

Our site has received a major overhaul (long overdue, we know), and the new site will be LIVE from 1st June 2008. We really hope that you will appreciate the new look and features. As a free member you can enjoy: In the coming weeks, we will be adding RSS feeds (so you can keep in touch with the latest additions to our site), a For Parents competition where you can win up to 3 children’s books and sign up to our regular newsletter, which will be jammed packed full of the latest news, book reviews and Recommended Reads.

If you are already a subscriber, you will, however, need to re-register. Don’t worry – this takes a matter of seconds and it is still FREE to be a member. If you have links to our site, these will obviously need to be re-linked to make sure they continue to work. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. Please do not re-link for another week, as we are still moving over to our new host. This will not affect the ability of the site to function, or members to re-subscribe.
TTAB ReDesign - Update
01 May 2008

Work is continuing on the redesign of our website and we appreciate everyone's patience with us. We will be announcing the launch date in the next few weeks. Obviously, there will be some disruption as this takes place, but we hope to keep this to a minimum for our members.
New Additions to TTAB Site!
11 April 2008

TTAB now has more sections to help users find the book reviews they want! We are especially pleased with the introduction of a "For Parents" section, dedicated to provided parents with a list of the best educational children's books currently on the market.
Delay in Launch of TTAB ReDesign
05 April 2008

The team at TTAB have been working tirelessly on the new look redesign of the TTAB website. Whilst some progress has been made, due to unforeseen problems, the launch of the new website (expected at the end of March 2008) has been postponed. We will keep everyone up to date on progress and of course, we will let you know when you can expect our new look to arrive!

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